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Since Biblical times, there have been "ebbs" and "flows" of the number of Nephilim encounters that have been reported. It is our aim to tie together the "loose ends" of the Nephilim saga that not only touched on the history of Nordic legends but also were much earlier than their time frame. Our accounts listed here are fiction but their telling is closely associated with present day knowledge of the past encounters with the Nephilim.

Our series begins with 730 BC and show the early prowess of the Phoenicians with their navigation of the oceans of the world. We show how the Phoenicians obtained much of their ability to sail the seas from the Nephilim. In fact, the often touted mines of King Solomon were apparently serviced by the Phoenicians in the hauling of men, supplies and equipment, and then returning with shiploads of gold and silver.

America and the Nephilim
Several volumes of NEPHILIM OF NORTH AMERICA are scheduled with basic outlines already conceived. We are in the process of tracing three families from their landing on the east coast to the role that they played in the defeat of the major threat of the Nephilim. We shall also then reveal the present day role of the Nephilim in America.

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